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Weight Loss-Effective HIIT, Lose Weight

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Weight loss-HIIT or High-Intensity Interval Training is still an effective way to increase fat burning body. HIIT produces a greater fat oxidation during exercise, and helps improve weight loss in less time.

Results of a study published in the "Journal of Applied Physiology" indicates an increase in fat oxidation during exercise that research participants when they do HIIT program.

This study examined the 8 women with healthy body weight for 10 explosive using exercise doing HIIT for four minutes using a stationary bicycle, with periods of rest for two minutes.

The researchers found that after seven exercise HIIT with a total time of 60 minutes in two weeks, the oxidation of fats in the body of the study participants increased by 36 percent.

How does HIIT work for weight loss?

Usually the body using a combination of carbohydrates from the fat that was covered for use as an energy source, depending on the level of difficulty of the exercise you are doing. When your exercise levels over 75 percent of the maximum heart rate, then the amount of oxygen to decrease fat metabolism process, so all of the stored energy is derived from carbohydrates.

The increased fat oxidation during exercise is expected as a result of increased cardiovascular capacity (maximal oxygen consumption amount which rose 13 percent, and a lower heart rate for 30 minutes) that produce greater levels of oxygen to burn fat during exercise.

Weight loss with HIIT

Women who participated in the study were doing HIIT for 15-30 minutes as much as 3-4 days/week with a total of 45-90 minutes each week. HIIT directly affect the total amount of energy burned. Be it from FAT or carbohydrates stored.

Another study conducted by a University of New South Wales in Sidney Austalia to prove the effectiveness of exercise HIIT in burn body fat. The researchers divided the participants into two groups. The first group were asked to do HIIT for 20 minutes three times a week, while the second group was asked to do regular cardio exercise 30 to 40 minutes 3 times a week.

As a result, the group is doing the HIIT fat managed to lose 3 times more and managed to save time the exercise up to 43 percent of the group who do regular cardio.

Time To Try The HIIT For Weight Loss

If you enjoy doing sports run, bike, and swim, try to combine these exercises with HIIT. Do explosive movements, for example sprint for 60 seconds then walk 30 seconds, and sprint again 60 seconds and so on for 15-30 minutes (3 times per week).

This exercise is a high intensity workout. To achieve the best performance, surely you need a periodic process, given the ability of each person's body is different. Do it gradually with a minimum time duration. Then add bit by bit duration exercise as your body begins to adapt to the exercises.

In addition to more efficient and save time, research has proven that HIIT workout program can help you in weight loss faster than ordinary exercise. So, wait for what again? Try the HIIT right now and feel the results.

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