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4 Yo-Yo Diet Dangers to health

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4 Yo-Yo Diet Dangers to health - Not a few of you who may have success losing weight but rose again after quitting diet. This is called the diet with yoyo.

Yoyo diet is common in people who are not consistent in their diets or diet that implements ektrem for the quickest results. Experts believe that weight down then up again to the larger numbers could have an impact on the physical and mental health as a whole.

Kelly d. Brownell, PhD., a nutritionist from Yale University stated, the effect of diet may very well occur on yoyo people who undergo extreme diet. Extreme dieters will not get sufficient nutrition intake as a result of a poor diet.

The body reacts by way of saving calories. When the body is deficient in calories due to extreme dieting, the body will often starving and tend to eat more. It was then that a diet that is made will culminate in failure and weight back up.

Nancy Snyderman, m.d., author of Diet Myths That Keep Us Fat also gave a similar statement. He said, the weight up and down not karuan could make someone frustrated and even trauma to run eating patterns that they think is healthy.

In fact, Dr. Claire Duvermoy heart specialists from the University of Michigan mentions, uncontrolled weight loss and unstable can increase the risk of heart disease. This risk may be greater for people who have a history of heart disease.

The following 4 health disorders that can occur as a result of a diet of yoyo.

Frequent Dizziness

You surely have heard of advice if you want skinny expand drink. Many people are ultimately concluded the advice by replacing all the solid food with liquid food. And indeed the weight can go down in a matter of days. However, another problem arose. Head dizziness when waking up from a seat, eyes berkunang-kunang and even fainted. Katherine Zeratsky, Rd., LD of the Mayo Clinic says that replacing food with liquid form or liquid food diet, is by no means a healthy diet. Because the content of liquid foods are not as complete as the usual dense foods consumed daily.

Weakened Body Resistance

Significant weight changes also have an impact on the resilience of the system of the body. The research revealed that a person undergoing diet yoyo can experience decreased immune system up to 30 percent as a result of nutritional deficiency in his body.


Your body has the ability to adapt to the pattern of eating. Limit the number of calories consumed will stimulate the brain to warn the body in order to save on energy use. The body will respond to this signal by slowing the rate of metabolism. Not only that, the body will respond to this by giving a signal to the brain to release a hunger that could be bumerangdan make you eat more than ever. And it could be you will be fatter than before dieting.

Harm To Liver Organ

Based on the Journal Physiology of Gastrointestinal and Liver Physiology, frequently a person experience weight up and down, but also the negative effect on the liver organ. Unstable weight can increase the fat content in the liver. It can bring a person to a higher risk of degenerative diseases associated with liver organs.

Therefore, avoid diet effect yoyo early on by following the guide the correct and healthy diet. Diet is not a short term goal that you can feel the results in a matter of days, but rather a long-term process which makes your body far healthier in the future.

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