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4 ways to lose weight After Childbirth

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Post-birth, more than 80 percent of women want to lose weight immediately. However, the problem comes when you are faced with the difficulty of finding the right way to lose weight after childbirth.

During the last 9 months your body has been through a lot of changes and you have the possibility of experiencing a psychic condition fluctuates throughout the process of pregnancy.

With the inception of the fruit of the heart, joy and apprehension sometimes coming together. Certainly the concern is, "what can my weight back as before?".

Post-birth Recovery

The body actually has the ability to recover from all aspects of pregnancy naturally. The uterus will close and return to the original size in about 6 weeks, while the ligaments of the body will return to normal elasticity and long about 3-6 months.

Unfortunately, the muscle tissue does not respond in the same way, so need a new routine and exercise to restore strength, density, and the functionality of the muscles.
It is important to remember that exercise and a proper diet management continues to be a strong base to regain your ideal weight.

When is the right time start the practice of Post-birth?

You may be a little ' disappointed ' with Your post-birth body condition. High fat belly in a circular, the menggelambir arms, and a fuller cheeks, maybe it will make you a little impatient to get rid of it immediately.

So when is the right time to begin exercise after childbirth? Certainly for this one you should consult first with your doctor. For starters, You will be asked to focus on the recovery of the body after childbirth. Especially if Your delivery process by caesarean section. However, this depends on the physical condition of each individual.

It's Time To Practice!

When the doctor says you're ready to start the exercise, now it's time you choose exercise routines to suit your body's ability to get back to your ideal weight.

The following 4 guides that you can try to regain an ideal body shape after childbirth.

Don't rush Nge-gym

"No need to hurry to come to the gym to regain your ideal body after childbirth." Says Dr. Michael Johnson of obstetric specialists at the University of California, Los Angeles. According to Johnson, the body swell during pregnancy is perfectly reasonable because the body is experiencing an increase in blood volume of approximately 15 percent. "The restoration of minimal post-birth can cause health problems, especially if You rush nge-gym." he added.

Specify the Target that makes sense

Do not put excessive target will only vex You in days later. Excessive tastes if you target weight 20 kg within 1 month only. And to grab it, you do a wrong diet methods, such as reduced time and massively meal servings.

Keep in mind that you now have had a baby in need of nutrients from breast milk. If you don't eat all day with the aim of weight quickly, your baby may be at risk of malnutrition due to the mother experiencing the same thing.

Keep Your Diet

Post-birth body you need more nutrition for the recovery process. Protein, iron, and vitamin C is an essential nutrient that your body needs to recover by way of regenerate cells and tissues of the body that are damaged after delivery. Expand the consumption of vegetables and fruits that are rich in fiber to launch the digestion. Avoid eating food fried, fatty, high-calorie and weight so that you do not grow after birth.

Find the right Training

Lazy is not the right choice if you want to restore your body shape as they are. Keep doing physical activity so that your body is always actively moving. No need to do high intensity exercise such as a run or jump rope. Quite a walk while pushing the stroller You surround the complex. In addition to burning calories more, walk is also important to waging a blood circulation and keep your body stay in shape after giving birth.

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