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Already a protruding Belly Diet but still. This Is The Reason!

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The diet is already done, intense exercise, weight, had already started to go down, but why the stomach still membuncit huh?

That's the question that is often delivered by people who are dieting when it discovered the problems above.

Another question also disturbed dieters weight is already down, but thighs won't shrink as expected. So make dieters wondering, what kind of diet and exercise more to do?

The body had its own Mechanism

Basically all these questions is quite reasonable, considering that diet and exercise are two healthy ways are effective for losing weight. However we need to emphasize here is that the human body has its own mechanisms that function set which part of your body to be fattened or shrunk first.

Well, our job is to facilitate and support the performance of the body to perform the process to its fullest through diet and exercise. So You can not determine in which part of the body will shrink. For example want to shrink the stomach used to be new thigh or vice versa. This sort of thing cannot be done.

Logically, if you want to turn down the cheek (sorry) tembem, are you going to train the muscles of the cheeks all day in order to shrink? Or for example when you are prompted to fatten a fat body but requested only part pipi alone, certainly not this kind of thing might happen.

There is also trying hundreds of sit ups with the hope of shrinking the stomach. But after months of sit ups, his stomach still protruding. This phenomenon is known as spot reduction, i.e. reducing the fat in certain body parts as you wish.

The most common misconception until now is that by doing sit ups, crunch or exercises for abdominal muscles can get rid of fat in the abdominal area and create a flat belly. In fact, not with the way that your body reduce fat. The body has its own mechanism for determining where the fat would be reduced, not you!

Usually the body conducting the process in reverse

But you do not need to be discouraged. There are some important facts that can be used as a reference in order to overcome the above permalahan. Someone who is skinny and succeeded in adding to his weight, usually starts from the abdomen, thighs, and then lastly cheek fat.

While you are dieting and want to lose weight that process is likely to be reversed. For example your cheeks will look thinner first, then the thighs, and the last is your stomach.

In fact, more than 98 percent of the people who go on a diet will experience this, and they'll ask, why my thighs already shrinking but still it's protruding belly? Because that's all there is order.

The most important in the diet is overall fat levels had decreased and your body is healthier than ever. If one's stomach is still membuncit or thigh is still large, it means there are still plenty of fat that should be trimmed. And you need to evaluate whether Your diet and exercise is absolutely right to burn fat, or the extent of the determination without making changes means.

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