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Hypnotherapy for Body Slimming

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Hypnotherapy for Body Slimming - The best diet, if unable to control your appetite so you can target failed. Are the attitudes and thoughts that plays the most powerful control negative wishes including excessive appetite. And Hypnotherapy is one way to train Your mind and mental.

Those who fail in the diet generally have some similarities. Their weight back fat diet after a certain period. Even their weight back more fat than before following the diet. This usually occurs because the first priority for the fastest time to grab the weight loss.

The following are some of the main factors that become the reason of the failure of a person's diet program:
  1. Overeating or overeating. After dieting for some time, some people do a revenge with overeating or eating any type of food indefinitely. Oddly enough, many are not aware of or do not know the reason why they overeat (already considered normal).
  2. Weak intention or commitment. As already mentioned above, if the mind and mentally not strong then the temptation to break the diet program or cheating can derail diet targets.
  3. Hunger. Some people follow the diet program by way of holding meals in a long time. As a result of their hunger and eat uncontrollably when it came time to eat. Not to mention the blood sugar also directly shot up drastically.
  4. Boredom. Lack of knowledge of variety of food in the diet program makes a person tired and went back to his old pattern of eating before dieting.

The four reasons above still aggravated by conditions of depression due to diet failed so that trigger overeating irregular patterns which make the body more and obesity.

How Hypnotherapy Helps Diet

Is a tool called adjustable gastric band, sort of a Silicon belt tied in a channel of the stomach (gastric above) and can be customized in size that serves to slow down the consumption of foods so as to limit the amount of food that will be consumed. However, the installation of this appliance must go through the process of surgery that is not everyone dare to do it.

Then hypnosis experts named Martin Shirran, Marion Shirran, and Fiona Graham from Spain to apply Hypnotherapy called Gastric Mind Band where the patient dihipnosis in order to think her body is mounted adjustable gastric band, despite the fact it is not. As a result, the patient managed to control the appetite. They eat in a serving of medium and chew slowly-lahansehingga his weight can be maintained because the caloric intake is also not an exaggeration.

Why the Hypnotherapy work? Is the power of the mind and mental You play strong control the behavior of your diet. And without having to consult or request the assistance of an expert on hypnosis, you yourself can also do self-hypnosis. The trick with embedding a particular thought into your brain repeatedly.

After a few times of practice, then you will feel strong enough to counteract the desire for example excessive appetite or desire for snacking or eating unhealthy foods.

Examples of self-hypnosis to Diet

Here are some examples of situations when your appetite suddenly appear and how to control it with self-hypnosis:

Situation 1: bread and fragrant once his cake and it seems good. I want to buy that much. Who knows I need eat sometime.
Think: it smells fragrant indeed once, but I just eat bread and cakes an hour ago so I don't need to eat it again now.

Situation 2: Ah, there's nothing to see me eat. So it's not an issue I packed my pairs.
Think: whatever I eat since morning until bedtime counted all total per day. So I will eat sparingly by number of my daily caloric intake.

Situation 3: I have to spend all the food served on a plate because I shouldn't waste food.
Think: my stomach instead of the trash can, I will not enter into the stomach all the food on this plate at once.

Situation 4: I need to eat chocolate bars this because today is very heavy and tiring.
Think: emotional eating is not a solution to a problem. I have to solve the problem and set up which I will do tomorrow without involving food.

Situation 5: I just opened a pack of biscuits so I will spend the rest of it, anyway I already opened the wrappings.
Think: Okay, well, I've probably already consuming something without a plan, but now I've stopped eating and my diet back on track.

Self-hypnosis Remote Control Method

If one time you suddenly want snacking chocolate, ice cream, cake or sweet, try to think of the following methods:
  1. Imagine you're holding a remote control for your own behavior. When there's a chocolate possessing a mind you, press the PAUSE button on the remote control.
  2. Imagine you're eating chocolate.
  3. Press FAST FORWARD to the next until 5 minutes you're done eating the chocolate. How do you feel? Feeling guilty? Sorry?
  4. Push the REWIND to the time now and imagine you against temptation or the chocolate appetite.
  5. If the lure is not yet lost, FAST FORWARD again 5 minutes ahead and feel how the more obviously regret You after eating chocolate.
  6. Press PAUSE again to remind you what the consequences are if keep your appetite. You are the one who have the power to control your appetite. It is your choice!

Aware and notice the difference in the three Following

Make sure you are aware of and know full well what you're natural, whether being hungry, appetite, or an addiction to food.

Hungry: it is when you do not eat anything for three hours and you start to feel the sensation of a rumbling in the stomach.

Appetite: is when you've just finished a great meal but you still feel less and want to eat again. Or, you just eat a great two hours ago but the brain just the thought of food solely.

Food addiction: is the emergence of a strong desire or can't stand want to eat certain types of food that normally result after kissing the aroma or seeing someone eat it.

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