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5 causes of Hunger despite the Already Packed

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You have a situation where you feel hungry again though just eat? When it is undergoing diet program then it needs to be prevented immediately so as not to eat something again after eating. Indeed this is normal but be prevented for the sake of the success of your diet program.

There is the hunger although not so feels after eating a natural phenomenon indeed. So that this situation needs to be addressed with the natural stuff too. The intent does not need to go to the doctor and complained about the situation. Perhaps you worry if this happens to you.

There are several causes that may make you feel hungry even though we had just finished eating in portions enough. The following 5 causes that makes a person hungry despite the already packed.

1. Dehydration

Dehydration can be caused due to too much due to excessive sports diaphoretic like soccer or other. Dehydration can also be caused due to consume foods that much salt until it exceeds the standard.

While lack of fluids the body will give info "hungry". Similarly, when the body is in need of food, then the body will let you know the info hungry. The solution when we feel hungry even though we had just eaten is by drinking plenty of water or plain water. Because the body is not given info about hungry but because of kekuarangan liquid.

2. A lot of eating canned food

Do you like to eat canned food? Yes indeed, when appropriate when you often feels hungry despite the already packed. Canned food containing one of the chemical substances that can trigger hunger come constantly. The possibility of food companies deliberately give chemical triggers hunger to consume large amounts of canned food.

3. Do not consume vegetables

You don't like vegetables? Carefully. Not only disrupt your health but could make you still feel hungry even though we've eaten.

Many vegetables contain folate content. With folate can overcome some of the problems such as fatigue, depression and being overweight. For dieters, should provide the vegetables each day as its cuisine menu. What's that green vegetables contain Vitamin K k. vilatim is in charge of regulating insulin to help prevent hunger after a meal.

For those of you who don't like vegetables. You must consume vegetables but in different packaging. Not shaped vegetables intact but with a drink powder made from vegetables. Usually it takes nutrients from the vegetables and made packaging products. But if it does exist.

4. drinking too much sweet

Sweet drinks are usually the source of high fructose. Allegedly, fructose can fool the brain. That means, deceive the brains in order to feel the need to eat more sweets especially though it was packed with enough portions. When often consume sweets drinks in great numbers so efektnya can feel affects the brain.

Is fructose inhibits the body's work in the use of the hormone leptin. Leptin is a hormone that gives the information that the stomach is already in a State of satiety.

For that, try from now to reduce beverages that contain a sweet taste like soda, sweet tea, sweetened juices and more. Because if too much could cause we always want to eat though it eats. It certainly can be affected by diabetes.

5. Visual Impairment

We may never feel that after we eat in sufficient amounts but we go back to eat again because the food looked better than it has in the meal. This is normal. But if this becomes a habit, then we need to fix the visual. There are visual disorders in us so we need to train the visual only.


We should indeed take more often. But give the distance within a certain period. If indeed we have eaten in sufficient amount alias instead of snacking so it is recommended not to eat anymore except as a dessert portion smaller amounts.

Due to the early start of dieters, dieting already has its own rules concerning eating and meal times. When it puts on a diet without hunger then already set up time as with rule 5-6 meals.

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