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Diet Tips For Breastfeeding Moms To Optimize Growing Flower Child

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Diet Tips For breastfeeding Moms To Optimize Growing Flower Children-Still many breastfeeding mothers who complain if BREAST MILK is coming out very little so many of those who do not give breast milk and replacing them with baby formula. But actually, the composition of the BREAST MILK itself is complete and sufficient to meet the nutrient needs of the baby.

Provide nutritional intake for infants must be observed because the fulfillment of nutrition when newborn babies up to the age of 2 years largely determine the growth and development of the child. And it's important also to give BREAST MILK exclusively for babies up to the age of 6 months. However, mothers who breastfeed still complain their BREAST MILK doesn't get out much. So, anything that must be consumed in order for nursing mothers BREAST MILK given to the baby has the best quality and able to fullfill the needs of babies? The following diet tips for breastfeeding Moms:

Extra calories in the Diet

Nursing mothers need extra calories to around 400-500 calories per day. If you feel this much caloric intake, frequency of feeding became more frequent. Choose nutrient dense diet food to meet the needs the extra calories as a wheat bread smeared peanut butter, fruit, yogurt. Don't forget to eat a varied diet of foods. Do not hesitate to eat a variety of foods the diet due to a dietary restrictions for nursing mothers. Because actually, nursing mothers must meet the needs of the nutrients can be obtained by eating a varied diet food.

Cariran needs in Diet a day

In order for the production of BREAST MILK smoothly, it is important for breastfeeding Moms to meet the needs of the liquid. At least in a day should drink at least eight glasses of water a day. Drink whenever feeling hungry or when color transforms into a dark yellow urine. Reduce the consumption of beverages containing caffeine, caffeinated beverage consumption because during lactation can affect a baby's sleep patterns.

Needs nutrition for breastfeeding mothers Diet Vegetarian

For nursing mothers who apply pattern vegetarian diet should actually pay attention to the fulfillment of the nutritional diet during breastfeeding due to vegetarian food options already limited that need special attention for nursing mothers who run the vegetarian diet. Choose diet food sources rich in deposits of iron, protein, and calcium.

Sample diet food sources that are rich in iron amongst other things like nuts, wheat and petrol products, green vegetables. To aid in the absorption of iron konsumsilah with foods rich in vitamin c. For protein can be obtained from the egg, milk and petrol products. As for the berkalsium diet food source, choose dairy products and petrol, vegetables green creature, a food products enriched with calcium.

Because vegetarians avoid meat and petrol products, to prevent vitamin and mineral deficiencies found in the flesh of the nursing mothers are advised to consume a supplement to replenish the vitamins and minerals while dieting. The health workers generally recommend taking vitamin B12 supplements can only be obtained from meat and petrol products so it is highly recommended for nursing mothers taking supplements to fullfill the needs of vitamin B12 during the diet.

So, pay attention to the intake of nutrients and fill the needs of nutrition in your diet during lactation with healthy food choices and varied to make way for the production of breast milk.

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