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5 Stages To Successful weight loss

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5 Stages To Successful weight loss - 5 stages of weight loss in order to be Successful-you must have understood that the results of the diet could not be felt in time a day only. Everyone will go through stages and specific process before achieving success in weight loss through diet program.

There are five stages of behavior change that is often experienced by those who plan in weight loss. The five stages of it at once becomes a guide and road map is right for you who want to run a weight loss through healthy lifestyle practices.

Stage 1: Pre-contemplation

This is the moment where you have no desire to do a healthy change in your life. Even in this phase You will assume that diet weight loss and a healthy lifestyle is not the important thing in life. For Your weight loss diet berlapar-lapar is an activity that is troublesome. While lounging while watching tv is the best choice rather than exercising.

Most weight loss diets that starts in this phase is only temporary and culminate in failure. The best thing you can do at this stage is reflect back your life purpose and educate yourself about the importance of health through a healthy lifestyle.

Stage 2: Contemplation

In this stage you might start to think and ponder about the importance of a healthy lifestyle. You also begin to reduce the consumption of fast food and do sports every now and then. If You eat fast food as much as 5 times a week, now you try to decrease it to 2 times a week.

In terms of sports you start doing small changes. If you enjoy lazing in the spare time, now every now and then You start trying to walk around the housing complex. This phase is a good time to learn more about a healthy lifestyle, including understanding how diet and how to exercise that right.

Stage 3: Preparation

At this stage you get serious in taking action towards a healthier life. You had planned to purchase a healthy ingredients to be cooked at home. You also have studied dozens of healthy recipes and frugal diet to support your healthy weight loss.

Not only do light exercise such as walking, you now have self took comes to the gym to get to know a variety of equipment at the gym, here's how to use it. A reference on how to practice the right too you've learned carefully.

Stage 4: Action

This is where you really ' take action ' after having knowledge and preparation are ripe to start a healthy lifestyle. The first step may be quite simple, such as avoid fatty foods, greasy, and high berkarbohidrat as well as increasing consumption of vegetables and fruits and high-protein food.

Start light workouts like consistent walk, jog, and join in the gym to learn various basic weight training.

At this stage it is very important for you to start learning the mechanism of your body after it forged with the pattern of healthy eating and exercise routine. This is necessary so that you do not return to my old habits were not healthy. Shape a healthier new habits and make it as a part of your life in a long period of time.

Stage 5: Maintenance

Once you successfully achieve all of the targets you specified either in weight loss or increased body fitness, the last and most important phase is to take care of her. During this stage you should remain consistent with the diet healthy weight loss and exercise routine that you run.

When necessary, invite family and friends to run a healthy lifestyle as you do. Tell them that Your health conditions better and your weight more controlled by running a healthy lifestyle.

The more people who run a healthier lifestyle all around you, the higher Your consistency in running it.

Well, got to the stage where you are?

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