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6 Tricks Down weight without Starving

6 Tricks Down weight without Starvation - diet and not Keep hunger are two important things you need to consider if you want to weight loss and features a slim body.

Weight loss diet is a healthy diet that is not berlapar-lapar, because hunger is a signal that the body needs adequate nutritional intake as a fuel for activity.

Well, how do I outsmart weight loss diet so as not to berlapar-lapar and get the slim body ideal? The following of which are presented as Lisa Young, PhD, RD, author of "The Portion Teller Plan: The No-Diet Reality Guide to Eating, Cheating, and Losing Weight Permanently '.
Drink Before The Meal

Take 1-2 glasses of water to drink before eating will naturally reduce the portion packed because your stomach will feel more full.

Wear pants that fit

Not mean pants that fit tight. But that fits with the waistline and feels comfortable to use. Wear pants that fit can help you control portions, eat as if pants feels narrows this mostly means that you eat.

Use Contrasting-Colored Plates

Study by the research team from Cornell University in 2012 found that similar colored foods with dishes can make a person consumes food 22 percent more. For weight-loss researcher recommends using a colored plate contrast with the color of the food.

Create an atmosphere of quiet, Eating

Create a room with Dim lighting and not too bright. If possible, try to play the music with a slow tempo. In doing so you will feel more relaxed while eating. Eating more slowly will make you enjoy the food and reduces the portion taken without you even realizing.

Don't watch TV while eating

We recommend that you do not watch TV or do other activities while eating. The study revealed that someone who is eating while watching TV or doing other activities can't control the dining portion, so tend to eat more.

The results were also presented studies which have been published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition that mentions that they are eating while working at the computer will longer satiety. As a result they will continue searching for other foods even though the dining menu siangnya is up.

A cup of coffee before a workout

There's good news for you coffee lovers. Drinking coffee before exercise can help fat burning, which means it can support program diet for weight loss.

The Australian Institute of Sport Team found that caffeine contained coffee can stimulate muscles use fat as an energy source. Another study conducted at the University of Pittsburg also found similar results i.e., caffeine has the ability to release the fat from the adipose tissue so that the fat can be easily burned.
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Selasa, 16 Juni 2015

6 Cool Hobby Slimming Body

6 Cool Hobby Slimming body - someone who is trying to lose weight often consider dieting as a miserable and boring process.

But this kind of assumption is not entirely correct. The success of weight loss is about how You manage Your mental attitude.

As long as you make each process as a fun habit, then the success of getting the ideal weight is already in sight.

In fact, if you have a hobby that is associated with physical activity, then the hobby you can maximize the fun factor in achieving ideal weight.

Here's a fun activity or hobby you can maximize to achieve ideal body weight.

A walk around the block

When you are not planning on doing activities away from home, then walk or jog around the housing complex could be the right choice. In addition to burning calories more, the roads around the House can also increase your social relationships with neighbors around.


Lately, people's interest towards the sport of cycling is on the rise. Emergence of the wide community of cycling is one of the proof. You can join the community and follow each activity agenda by those communities.

If you join the community doesn't make you interested in cycling, cycling itself can also be a healthy choice. In addition to increased calorie burning, closely related to the sport of cycling increased cardiovascular fitness or health of blood vessels and the heart, and decreased risk of coronary heart disease.

Parkour & Freerun

The cycling community, not only the community of parkour and freerun now also starting to epidemic. In principle the parkour & freerun has the same basic, i.e. move from one place to another in an effective manner with the acrobatic movements.

This exercise requires a mastery of technique and enough exercise to avoid injury. Even though it belongs to the extreme, this exercise is worth a try to lose weight, improve coordination and flexibility of the body.

Hike While Enjoying The View Of Nature

If you love nature's overlooked, go climb to where it is located right under the hill with waterfalls and breathtaking views. In addition to effectively repel stress, this activity is good to increase calorie burning and fat on your body.


If swimming in public pools make you bored, try going to a Lake, river or beach that has crystal clear water and safe from wild animals. Swim in places that are available in the wild will resurrect the spirit and mood You to achieve ideal body weight.

Shopping market

The traditional market for some people can be thought of as a place full of inspiration. You can find the best fruit and vegetables as well as many other amazing healthy meals. You can go there and walk around the market while shopping.

Don't forget to balance out the fun activities at the top with a low-fat diet and high protein. Good luck!

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Senin, 15 Juni 2015

Ideal body weight-5 Drinks Healthy reach for Ideal weight

Ideal body weight-5 Drinks Healthy reach for Ideal weight - It is very important to have a varied menu diet to achieve ideal body target you want. Including providing variations on the drink you consume.

Currently, many drinks on the market that contain high sugar, dyes and artificial sweeteners are not clear origin. Our body will not be at maximum with health conditions continue to consume such drinks.

The following 5 natural healthy drinks can you consume diet to maximize the yield and improve your health.

Orange Juice

Favorite drink that can be made as the variation in diet menu is orange juice or orange juice. Orange juice has natural freshness and easy in that they are presented. In addition, orange juice is rich in vitamin C and healthy fitonutrisi. 8 ounces of orange juice is equivalent to the content of potassium in bananas. With so many vitamin and nutrients in it, orange juice has believed many people can lower high blood pressure.

Apple Juice

Apple Juice drink that is required in your diet. The right of presentation was without sugar because the sugar content of Apple has enough to get a taste of sweetness. Fresh Apple Juice contains many beneficial vitamins and minerals. Malic acid contained in apples may become additional power during the exercise. The old saying "an apple a day can keep the doctor away ' has stood the test of truth, after many clinical research that proves Apple can prevent heart disease and lowering cholesterol.

Cranberry Juice

The other is the healthiest drink cranberry juice. The antioxidant ability of cranberry juice has been known for a long time, i.e. as a treatment for urine tract infection. Acidic properties of cranberry juice could inhibit the growth of bacteria causes infection. Cranberry juice in Your diet make you a menu in a fit condition every day.

Red Grape Juice

Red wine contains approximately 154 calories in each serving of 8 ounces. The red grape skins contain resveratol compounds that are believed to have the ability to prevent cancer. Content of resveratol in red wine more than white wine. In addition, red wines are fruit rich in potassium and vitamin C to support the success of your diet.

Tomato Juice

Tomato juice drink is most popular amongst dieters because it only contains 53 calories and a variety of essential nutrients such as potassium, vitamin C and lycopene, beta-carotene which is useful to keep eye health and increase durability of the body.

In addition to the above, drink you can also combine several fruit and vegetable such as mango, pineapple, carrots, and spinach. By combining fresh fruits and vegetables, of course, the health benefits that You will get a lot more.

Enjoy your healthy menus and healthy living.

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Minggu, 14 Juni 2015

Make Fat-5 bad habits while eating that makes Fat

Make Fat-5 bad habits while eating that makes Fat - One of the defining successful diet program or whether You are avoiding the bad habit that You do while eating.

Not many know that bad eating habits can unwittingly make weight gain, even if the person concerned is in diet program.

For that, you need to change the bad habits while eating, so that Your diet program did not fail in the middle of the road. The following 5 bad habits while eating you should avoid;

Too Much Salt

Usually before sampling the food, people will add a bit of salt on the food. If you belong to that are accustomed to doing this should start preparing from now on. Too much salt can increase the risk of dehydration or lack of fluids due to the nature of the salt absorbs liquid. It gets worse again, excessive salt intake can lead to high blood pressure. The safe limit of consuming salt is 1,500 mg or about ½ teaspoon.

A Little White Water

You need to know that the liver converts fat into fuel. Without sufficient water intake, the kidneys will not be functioning at optimal levels. As a result, the liver will work extra hard to help the kidney do its job. And in the end the liver cannot function properly.

Some fat will remain in the body and can not be converted into fuel. This causes the increase of the weight. Drinking plain water each day in an adequate amount of liver performs its function allows to burn the fat and turn it into the fuel optimally.

Even a study published in the American Journal of Epidemiology, people who are accustomed to drinking water more than 5 glasses per day has decreased the risk by 41 percent as a result of heart disease and sudden death.

Do Not Design A Menu Packed

Many of us choose to eat when hungry bellies. Surely this is not a good habit, since we will choose a menu packed in large portions of high calorie and to fulfill our stomach's hunger.

Hunger, desire to eat a large portion of the menu certainly will increase markedly. This could potentially add to the weight.

"Design Your meals for the week ahead. After that, make sure your kitchen has a wide variety of healthy foods. It is the first step to having a healthy diet, "bright Keri Gans nutritionist author of" The Small Change Diet ".

Drinking Beer Before Eating

In addition to contain alcohol which can harm health, beer and other alcoholic beverages contain calories that are quite large. If you mengonsumsinya in an empty stomach, then this drink calories in going straight to the blood stream and deposited into fat. More than that, the body considers alcohol as a poison and tried to take it out of the body as quickly as possible. This process can lower blood sugar levels in the blood. Decrease in blood sugar levels will make you hungry and eat more.

Eat While Other Activities

We recommend that you avoid doing other activities while eating. Give yourself a special time while eating without doing other activities. When you eat while doing other activities such as watching TV, reading books and others, then you will lose control of food. Involuntarily you already spend one biscuit jar or two glasses of fizzy drinks. This can make You gain weight.

Start to fix the bad habit that you normally do while eating to diet programs to lose weight can you gain with maximum results.

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5 things that make your Body Fat Could slim down Again

5 things that make your Body Fat Could slim down Again - The success of a person lose weight sometimes are not balanced with good mental maturity. Not uncommon after successful weight loss, that person will tend to feel free and go back to old eating patterns and even began to rarely work out.

This is then made to diet success did not last long. Even the weight back up and get more out of your weight before dieting.

There are some fundamental things that could be the cause of the success of your diet back to the old life style that makes your weight gain, such as:

Loss Of Motivation

The reasonable thing is when you start to stray from Your diet program. But you should not let mistakes happen continuously. There is always a chance to get back on the right track so that you can control your weight as you want.

One little mistake alone will not affect Your weight loss program, but if you don't keep a healthy diet, then most likely you will experience weight gain. If there is, try to remember your struggle over this when doing your diet and remind Your self back any changes that occur. To motivate re your diet, it will be easy for you to get back towards the goal.

Unknowingly Eating Share Increased

Many people do not realize that the dining portion is increasingly growing day than normal so calories add up. To ensure that you do not consume foods that contain too many calories, try the monitor on a regular basis Your food menu. As you have noticed and found errors, emptied to focus back on Your diet program.

Fond Of Snacking Foods High In Calories

Often there are leftovers when eating with your family, or friends, and they ask you to spend it. The "extra" food like this unwittingly contribute to generating additional harmful calories. If you find it difficult to monitor the nutrition you, try to keep a journal that contains notes of any food that you eat and calculate how much his nutritional content.

Often ' Leak ' on weekends

It must be admitted that the diet is not easy, especially if we have to restrain the appetite and reduce food that we like, and you feel if the weekend is a chance for a vacation from the diet. Remember that your weight loss level must remain constant and make sure you stay away from foods that are detrimental. To prevent this, make the program appealing healthy food menu during the weekend, invite your friends or family to support you.

No ' Goal ' Again

When you feel already successfully losing weight as much as a few pounds, and feel healthier, fitter, pants and shirts you into greatness, maybe you'll start more relaxed in doing the diet program.

But such a view is in fact will harm you, even the worst possible your weight will increase. To assist weight loss program, try making your plans short of any target to be achieved in each month. The plan allows you to stay focused and motivated to lose weight.

Now try Your evaluation, whether you do at least 1 or 2 things from 5 points above? If you do, now is the time you return to the ' right track '.

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Jumat, 12 Juni 2015

3 Healthy Tip to stay Slim during the holidays

3 Healthy Tip to stay Slim during the holidays - Do not feel now we're at the end of the year 2012. This means that the holiday season will soon arrive. Well, in the middle of the excitement of Christmas and new year's, you still need to maintain a healthy lifestyle that you've lived all these years.

What you should do to stay can increase muscle mass and prevent weight loss and Your fat levels rise dramatically but still be able to enjoy the holidays?

During the holidays, we often leave the exercise routine and healthy diet that we undertake. A lot of reasons behind it, either we're too busy and don't have time to practice or a row of delicious patisseries make us difficult to maintain a healthy diet.

With good planning and discipline, you can still continue Your diet and exercise program to achieve your ideal body shaping goals as well as prevent gaining weight which is very common after the holiday season.

Here are 3 important tip that you can run over the holidays to keep weight gain.

Keep living patterns of exercise routine

Keep living patterns of exercise routine so that you still can increase Your muscle mass and keep practicing at home if you do not have to go to the gym. During the holidays, even a 20-minute workout will be much better than not at all. And this is certainly a very effective way to keep Your body's metabolism remains active so that the body will awake from a buildup of excess fat.

You can do bodyweight training exercises such as push ups, squats, lunge, crunch, or if you have a dumbbell, you could do a lot more exercise. And don't forget the cardio. If there are no treadmills or stationary bikes, you can select jogging, jump rope, swimming, and so on.

Schedule exercise

Create a plan. Not just by looking at Your Calendar December marking the day in whatever you are going to attend a party or vacation trips, schedule is also on today what are you going to do the exercise. After having written workout schedule, now you just need to stick with it.

Sage while Cheating

Could not be denied that the vacation will not be complete if it is not filled with food, especially when celebrating Christmas and new year. Well, if indeed you cannot avoid cheating, then you can start by eating protein in advance so that you will feel full, then eat a carbohydrate food sources at the end. And remember, after that go back to pattern your diet and keep doing regular exercises to keep your weight doesn't go up drastically.

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Kamis, 11 Juni 2015

Weight Loss Tips

Weight loss tips – based on the penilitian reported by the magazine of the Best Health and NYTimes, 95% of people fail in a weight loss program. Well, for those who are currently in a diet program, surely you want to be in the successful 5% between them, isn't it? To do so, follow the tips below if you want to program your weight loss diet success:

Create Target

Need a target to achieve success. Just as in life, how one can succeed if it doesn't have goals and objectives clear? Therefore, if you want to gain weight and ideal body, specify target specific and clear. For example, you have to burn off the calories in a day or 2000 weight loss 10 kg in 3 weeks. The target will keep you focused and motivated.

Reduce portions to eat

The main trigger of the belly or a weight on top of the numbers is the ideal number of servings of food every day, isn't it? Well, it's time to reduce your servings to eat in order to obtain the ideal body. In addition, it also reduces the risk of overweight or obesity are very dangerous. By the way, how do I reduce the portion of the meal? Here's the trick:

1. A lot of drinking water white
2. reduce the drink soda, caffeine, carbonated and because it will inflict hunger and is also not good for health
3. fruits and vegetables while Snacking feels hungry at midmorning (before lunch) or in the evening
4. Chew food more often and longer than usual
5. replace the large plate with more mini
6. Concern themselves

Remember, reducing the portion eating does not mean skipping a meal time Yes. You have to keep a breakfast, lunch, and dinner at the on-site on a regular basis.

Avoid processed foods and ready-made

Usually, people who are very busy with work and routines all day prefer to eat processed foods that are ready-food such as fried chicken, french fries, burgers, spaghetti, etc. Fried foods are also a favorite. Well, these foods are not healthy and contain a lot of fat. This is certainly able to make your body more melar. In addition, processed foods are not good for the health of the body.

A lot of exercise

How to cope with the build-up of fat in the body? The answer is naturally with exercise. Lazy move is the primary cause of your body fat and melar. Therefore, do not be lazy to exercise. If it feels heavy, can be started with a walk around the House or go to the Office/campus/school. In addition, a good sport and can burn fat quickly is cycling, swimming, aerobics, running, gymnastics and sit ups.


Consistency is the most important thing that must be applied in a weight loss diet program. Failures caused by a lack of consistency. In other words, you have to keep fighting for what you want to achieve until the end. Most people give up running a weight loss program as a result of a significant change is yet to be seen. The consistency should also be applied when you are tempted or persuaded a friend to run, stayed up late, or do other things against the diet program.

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