Still Hungry Despite The Already Packed? This is the 5th cause!

Hunger is a natural alarm that our body needs food. The body requires a meal as fuel for activity. Eating is a routine that should not be missed in any condition, either while you are dieting, busy with work and stuff.

Eating his nutritional needs would be sure allows the body. The nutrients from the foods required the body to grow and maintain overall health.

While eating, you can get a variety of essential nutrients such as vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients that can protect your body from the attack of the disease. Well, that being the question is, have you ever had a hungry shortly after you eat? If ever, You don't need to worry because this is reasonable.

The following 5 things that can make you hungry after eating

Not Eating Vegetables

Try to keep plugging the vegetables in each of your dishes. Many vegetables contain folate is good to overcome fatigue, depression, and overweight. Green vegetables are also high in vitamin K, that is in charge of regulating insulin to help prevent hunger after a meal.


While lack of bodily fluids will send a signal, just as hungry when the body need nourishment. If you feel hungry but eating just try drinking plenty of water, it could be that's not hungry but lack of fluids.

Too Much To Drink Soda

Carbonated beverages, iced tea, and all the sweet flavored drinks that are a source of high fructose. A study from the University of California stated that fructose can fool the brain to eat more of it, even when you're already full. Fructose inhibits the body's ability to use the hormone leptin, that tells that your stomach is already full.

Visual Impairments

Also not uncommon when you finish eating a certain food, you see an inviting taste. This stimulates your brain to bring up again the hunger, when in fact your stomach is already full.

Eating Too Much Canned Food

Most canned foods contain chemicals such as bisphenol-A, or BPA. These chemicals can cause leptin into abnormal so that trigger hunger comes constantly, which in the end makes You gain weight.

For those of you who are on a diet, it is recommended to eat more frequently, but in smaller portions. However, if you keep the hunger by eating too much, then be prepared to add to Your dress size. Therefore, by understanding the cause of 5 hungry after eating expected you can reduce your calorie intake your body for a healthier diet.

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